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There are many companies that offer cabinets in the market, to choose one is not a simple task. To make it  easier, here are some of the reasons you should consider Real Custom Cabinets for your next project.


Design (Kitchens, Vanities, Closets, Bars, Entertainment centers...)

We will sit down with you and listen to your requirements, offer options and present a realistic computerized design of how your cabinets will look with the cabinets and features you selected. This can help you visualize the final design before we cut your project.



Initial Design

In the computer

Final rendering in computer

The kitchen is ready!



Custom sizes

Unlike the so called “factory direct” companies that are restricted to standard size cabinets, we can really custom build any size, style and material without fillers needed to fit your cabinets on your walls and deliver it faster. We can make each cabinet any size you want with a click of a mouse. This means no standard sizes like the big manufactures.


Technology & Precision

But like big manufacturers, we also have the most advanced machinery, like computerized CNC (Computer Numerically Controller) routers that cut our cabinets with a precision of 0.001”.  All parts are cut by the computer, no manual cuts, no mistakes. This is the same machine that cut parts for airplanes like Boeing, where precision is a must. 




Like our floors, we have a variety of wood species (Cherry, Maple, Oak, Walnut, etc.), door styles and different colors and finishes to offer to make your project unique.


Material and Construction

Our cabinets are all made of solid wood and 3/4 plywood, NO cheap particleboards and thin plywood. They are built with full and blind dado construction for maximum stability and durability. Dado construction makes the different pats of the cabinet to  interlock and ¾” plywood is much stronger than particle boards or thinner plywood like most cabinets in the market. This makes our cabinets very strong. It can even get wet and will not fall apart.


Speed - Fast Delivery

Once your kitchen design is ready, our CNC automation allows us to be fast and precise at the same time. We can produce and deliver your custom cabinetry or furniture much faster than conventional wood shops that manually cut their cabinets or big manufactures that take a lot time to order the components from different places. 

Made in the USA

Our products are made right here in Florida. Cut & finished with American made machines for quality and in support of our economy.